a2 Milk gets active with The Block.

Client: a2 Milk


Graffiti was asked to take tummy-pleasing a2 Milk™ to the masses at the season finale of Channel 9’s ‘The Block’. As a sponsor of the show, a2 Milk™ were keen to build brand awareness and purchase consideration while reflecting the brand’s campaign platform, ‘Believe in Better’.

Graffiti built a life-size cubby house on St Kilda beach foreshore as part of a concept that embodied the a2 Milk™ brand; active, natural and sustainable. Then we asked consumers to get active by jumping on a blender bike and using pedal power to create their own a2 Milk™ smoothie.

The build featured sustainable products, greenery and style elements to create a relaxed and fun space, while the interaction promoting the value of work and reward.