Are you missing the things that matter?


When it comes to experiential marketing, there are a few things that are essential.

Powerful insights. Unexpected creativity. Seamless execution. But we're regularly amazed at how many brands and agencies fall at the most vital touchpoint at an activation or event – the quality of staff for the brand. When businesses invest substantial budgets to create experiences that shape the perception of their brand, many agencies simply roster on brand ambassadors, often through a third party or online portal. Sometimes there's no vetting, no personal relationship, no loyalty. They're hiring people they’ve never met to execute what's arguably the most important part of an event. And it doesn’t make sense.

Campaigns with anything but the best team of brand ambassadors should be considered a liability.
The fundamental truth behind experiential marketing and live brand activations is that what resonates with the consumer is a positive two way interaction and positive brand experience. Yet all too often, staff are uninformed, apathetic, lack charisma or are simply the wrong choice for the brand they are representing. Agencies get caught up in the creative, planning, build, project management and production and forget about the final moment. Maybe they forget where the magic happens; when the brand and consumer meet.

What should brands expect when it comes to event staff? 
Staff should be personally met and verified before any event - no matter the scale of activation.
• The staff should be assessed in relation to the specific brand they are working on. Are they the right fit? Do they have the right energy?
•Time and materials should be invested so that staff are well briefed, not just on their role at the activation, but on the wider campaign and brand messaging too.

After months of planning, and major investments in crafting the right brand experience for consumers, brands need to ensure a strong finish by having the best people on the ground. This will ensure that brands realise their true potential.

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Hannah Avent