What Is Experiential Marketing?

Described as an immersive, multisensory interaction between a brand and a consumer, experiential marketing is becoming an ever-popular method to engage with consumers on a deeper level. Through the use of activations (eg. immersive experiences, stunts, events etc.) experiential marketing can bring brands to life and tap into consumer passion points. It gets to the heart of what motivates people, positioning brands as useful, interesting, relevant and desirable. The best campaigns put people first, aiming to delight, provoke, challenge, inspire, motivate and, ultimately, produce tangible results. Creating genuine connections and engaging audiences are the biggest challenges facing marketers and brands today.

For over 14 years, Graffiti has been Melbourne’s go-to agency for experiential events and marketing. We’ve worked with high profile brands and organizations such as TAC, WorkSafe, Mars, Ford and Play Doh.