A new graffiti Look!

Pedestrians distracted by their mobile phone is a growing global issue. 'The Look' campaign that we recently launched for TAC at The Australian Open has resonated with the target audience of under 25s. The latest activation at Southbank Spillway, Melbourne over the Labour Day weekend involved two high profile street artists @adnate and @sirumvsvenom creating their perception of street distractions which they shared on their social channels. 

With thousands of pedestrians visiting the area on the weekend, many were drawn in to the activation space. Actors greeted the general public, treating them like ‘model pedestrians’ promoting the distractions message in a fun and entertaining manner. They then accompanied people as they strutted down the zebra crossing runway phoneless before having their photo taken in front of a green screen.  All photos were uploaded instantly to a large social wall for all passersby to see.

Richard Cooke